Data Packs

Used all your monthly data and need a top up to get you through the rest of the month to avoid being shaped?

Simply purchase any of the following afterburners to top up your Broadband data allowance until the start of your next billing cycle.

To purchase a data block call customer service on 1300 305 000.

Afterburner 1GB

Peak Boost = 1GB

Off Peak Boost = 1GB


Afterburner 2GB

Peak Boost = 2GB

Off Peak Boost = 2GB


Afterburner 3GB

Peak Boost = 3GB

Off Peak Boost = 3GB


Afterburner 1GB

Data Boost = 1GB


SALES 1300 305 000

Bundle & Save

Combine your enginVoIP with an enginBroadband plan
& get loads of included calls and data.

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